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As a grown-up, it’s hard to make friends.

Most people are pretty caught up in their lives. They are running down their own road, head down, focused on putting one foot in front of another.

I was in my own lane, huffing along, when I ran right into one of life’s obstacles. My children were not succeeding in their school environment, and so I decided to make a drastic change. I started homeschooling. After a few weeks of utter failure, I decided I needed help.

Enter Melanie Kingston.

I knew her casually from the neighborhood and the odd “Hello!” My daughter loved her, and so I thoughtI would see if perhaps Melanie might want to try out tutoring my daughter.

The first day, I knocked politely on her door. Charlie rushed in and hugged Melanie so hard she almost fell backward. It was incredible.

Charlie thrived under her care and I started arriving earlier and earlier so that I could grab a few minutes sitting on her couch, laughing about our kids and catching up.

She is the woman who gives endlessly, even when she has plenty of needs of her own. Raising five children, the eldest serving in the military and the youngest adopted, Melanie always has a donation box by her front door or is running dinner to someone who is struggling. Her husband, Craig, is the head pastor for Southwest Christian Church. So giving comes naturally to Melanie and her family.

They have my children over to play and have fed us dinner many nights. She held my hand through my divorce, is the first person I call for advice, and she teaches me to think of others before myself.

She never asks for a thing but deserves the world.

She is the ultimate Southern mother – and a perfect reflection of what Coweta means to me.

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