Published in the beautiful Root and Star magazine’s HOME issue.

My house is generally in chaos and whenever I feel like I am failing at life due to the crumbs on the floor or laundry pile on the table, I think of a little embroidered picture my mother kept hung by the back door that read, “A clean house is a sign of a misspent life.”

The Messy House

“Our house is too messy!” 

My mama would say,

“We’ll have to have company some other day.

The dishes are piled up 

The beds are unmade

The dog ate the desk chair 

The laundry’s delayed.

The bikes are all dusty, 

And so is the swing.

The piano is tuned but has no one to sing.

The storybook sits with nobody to read, 

The cookies are baked with nobody to feed.

These arms need some holding and time we can share,

So come here my child, have not a care.”

1680cookie-checkThe Messy House

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