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Standing here staring at you

My back against the driving rain

Not much to offer

Plenty to give

Empty hands to hold you up

And lift you to the sun again  

Empty then full hidden then here

Empty then full hidden then here

Strength where there’s none 

Hope was my gun

All those words get lost somewhere

But look in my eyes you’ll find my tell 

Keep watching me 

Keep watching 

I’ll bring you home

My back breaks to carry you across  

Over the rage and the loss

Over the space and the empty time

See past the wilds the forgotten and dark

See past the others and  the broken hearts

Now it’s my turn to reach and pull you

Out of the sea into the new

Hope was my gun 

Hope was my gun

Empty hand to hold you up

To hold you up to the sun again

To hold me up to the sun again

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