The Messy House

Published Work

This is a story that was published in the beautiful Root and Star magazine’s HOME issue. My house is generally in chaos and whenever I feel like I am failing at life due to the crumbs on the floor or laundry pile on the table, I think of a little embroidered picture my mother kept hung by the back door that read, “A clean house is a sign of a misspent life.” The Messy House “Our house is too messy!”  Read more »

Pie Fixes Everything

Short Stories

My friend asked me why I had stopped baking my pies. She asked to come over so we could bake together. We used her grandmother’s recipe. She showed me how to basket weave the crust, her hands moving effortlessly, lifting the layers into artful perfection. Why did I stop? It wasn’t good enough. My friend laughed and told me my pies were the best pies she had ever tasted. I was ready to go back. I made a pie. My Read more »

O, Let Me Tell You

Short Stories

Megan O. Hunnicutt. People always ask what the O stands for. It stands for Okella – my hilarious great aunt who made the best cheese straws, had wild red curls and had a sharp sense of humor. But to me, it really represents all the women in my life. My mom, who always wanted to be a writer, and wrote beautiful short stories that my son now keeps by his bed, for my grandma Hattie, who raised eight children, cooked Read more »

House Pig

Short Stories

Having a farm is like pregnancy. Pain. Blood. Screams. You forget the pain, the blood and the screams. Then there is calm. Even joy. I got a text from a friend. “Do you need a pig?” Did I need a pig? Did I? I remember there were pigs. But that was all. The rest was a haze. I thought for a moment. Of course I need a pig. Enter Waddles. Waddles was living with a young couple who had rescued Read more »